Jim Edgar

Mics and sound cards and baffling, oh my! It all sounds dense and dry and honestly not very sexy, UNTIL… the day you need it! And when you find out on that day that it takes a half hour just to open your software and another 15 minutes to set up your file, and you pull out clumps of hair just getting the whole mess to RECORD, and then you have to export your file – export?? W t F IS all this? It’s not like you want the stupid thing to ship to the Galapagos Islands, you’d just be happy to have the damn file appear SOMEWHERE in the four corners of your screen! And when you finally DO find it and play it back, there’s your voice. Sounding as if it’s echoing from a toilet bowl. In another ZIP code. Enter JIM EDGAR. PLEASE! A Voicetrax Alum, Jim is our oracle of all things in audio recording for voice-over. No matter what equipment you’ve got, no matter what your environment is, Jim will help you figure out how to troubleshoot and wring the best sound you can out of it all – and THEN, he’ll walk you step by step through the fundamentals of recording yourself for auditions, maybe even for finished products your clients can use down the line. Jim’s curriculum would be paramount if he weren’t so clear, succinct, and patient; but to our great fortune and yours, he’s ALL of that, which is why Jim is one of the most sought-after instructors we’ve got!

Website: www.jimedgarvoices.com

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