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Seeking topnotch talent

A VERY SPECIAL GUEST is coming on Saturday, May 28...

In our ongoing quest to bring you the best and brightest for Inside The Voice-Actor's Studio, we're thrilled beyond belief to welcome an Emmy-award-winning demi-god in narration and an on-camera actor on television as well as film:



For many of you, Peter needs no introduction. You might recognize him from Law & Order, ET The Extraterrestrial, and NCIS, among the over 100 motion pictures and TV shows in which he's appeared.

You've heard him narrating over 120 features, including The Color Of War, National Geographic Explorer, and his Emmy-Winning turns on Ken Burns' The Roosevelts, and on "Meiji Revolution", part of the PBS American Experience 10-part series called "The Pacific Century".

Peter is simply one of the very TOP actor/narrators alive, and we'll be very priveleged to revel in his genius on Saturday, May 28 at 10:00am at the Cultural Center in Sausalito!  At noon, we'll be serving a fine Italian lunch from Resident Voicetrax Maestro Chef, Graziano.  To find out more about this event, just call our offices at 415-331-8800.

Let VOICETRAX be your guide along the path to the exhilarating, imaginative world of voiceover...

Now in its 28th year of operation, Voicetrax is recognized as the nation’s premier voice over training academy. Voicetrax offers a rotating curriculum of over 100 different voiceover classes, workshops, and lectures — each taught by Samantha Paris herself or by one of her renowned Guest Directors: top casting directors, actors, producers, directors and agents from both Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The president of one of the leading voice talent agencies in Los Angeles dubbed Voicetrax, the “Harvard of voiceover training.”

Students come from all over to take voice over classes — even from as far away as Japan! — and many of them go on to become sought-after professional voice actors. Recent projects voiced by Voicetrax-trained actors include promos for the Olympics, NBC, MSNBC and PBS Kids’ Sprout networks; narration for E! Entertainment, HGTV, Visa, Cisco and Oracle; ad campaigns for Subaru, Jeep, Doritos, Levi's Stadium, Clorox, McDonalds, Honda, Macy’s, Comcast, and the USDA’s ”Hungry Pests” campaign; and featured roles in “The Super Hero Squad” animated series on Cartoon Network, EA Games “Sims 3”, Riot Games' "League Of Legends", and TellTale Games' “The Tales of Monkey Island”, "The Walking Dead", and "The Wolf Among Us".

But Voicetrax is not just for those who aspire to voiceover excellence and success. Non-actors, from all walks of life, also take classes at Voicetrax — attorneys who want to be more persuasive; sales people who want to connect with their clients; non-native English speakers who want to be better understood; and many who simply want to learn to express themselves more fully and clearly for their own reasons…whether to read bedtime stories to their children or overcome a lifetime of paralyzing shyness.

So please, have some fun exploring the website! The next "Finding Your Voice" lecture will be held on Saturday, July 16, 2016.  For class prices and scheduling, click the CONTACT US tab or any of the other links to the registration form on the site.

Voicetrax also has a PODCAST SERIES, starting with one that might interest you -  More Than Just A Pretty Voice: Mythbusting With Voicetrax! - available at the link just preceding, or at the yellow "TraxTalk! BLOG" button just above to the right!  And the complete series can be seen on our Youtube Channel!



Nothing to report for now - but check back frequently, 'cause you never know when something might appear!

Nothing to report for now - but check back frequently, 'cause you never know when something might appear!